Friday, February 29, 2008


Wednesday was a snow day.

Thursday-DD had a wrap made with the rest of Mondays rice mixed with a little salsa and cheese and lettuce, onion and sour cream. Also a small dish of craisins, a carrot and a yogurt drink. The yogurt drink was a freebie.

The boys took leftover baked spaghetti with bread, pears and girl scout cookies.
Friday-Peanut butter and jelly, chips and pears.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Salsa chicken, black beans and rice.

This was DH's dinner and lunch today. I think he would take it again if we had any left :)

Sandwich with chips, pineapple and a cookie

We had sandwiches yesterday and today. The 2 older kids ate lunch at school.
We have been stopping by a small local place for lunch meat after big grocery trips. They have great prices, wonderful smoked cheeses and a BBQ chip that DH loves.

Pasta salad with pepperoni and cheese and strawberries. This is a picture from last week. Last week was a 3 day school week so I did not make as many packed lunches as usual.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There was no school yesterday and DH did the shopping for me on the way home from a dentist appt. and picked up some sale deli meats for sandwiches yesterday. His lunch yesterday was a club style sandwich, chips and a banana ( no picture).

I used some more of the turkey and ham in todays lunches.

DD had 2 kinds of wraps (the orange ones did not hold up well) cut veggies and pasta salad.

The early birds each took half of a club style wrap, pasta salad, applesauce and graham crackers.

DH took a salad with croutons and dressing, banana and some chips for a later snack.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

The Boys bought a school lunch yesterday and DD ate at her class.
Tuesday was a snow day and Monday they took leftover Mexican.

For Valentines day I wanted to make them something special so I made chicken club wraps with seasoned chicken breast, bacon, provolone and romaine lettuce wrapped in flat bread.

DD had a lighter version in a tortilla with potato salad, carrots and some goodies leftover from yesterdays class.

The boys had the wrap, potato salad, mandarin oranges and fritos.

DH keeps a bag of nuts in his lunch for snacking that usually lasts him about 3 weeks.
He had a club wrap, oranges, potato salad and a coke zero. I threw in some free south beach samples that came in the mail and a bottle of water for a little something extra.
The wraps came 0ut really well. I cooked the chicken breasts in a little olive oil and seasoned them with a generous amount of Canadian steak seasoning.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Easy Week....

I did not have to make as many lunches this week, which is good because I have been really tired all week. Monday was super easy as everyone had leftover pizza ( carryout) from Superbowl Sunday. Here is a lunch that came back home. Ramen noodles with a few frozen meatballs and green beans tossed in, a orange and crackers. My oldest ended up helping at school and recieved a free lunch. It still was eaten by someone later in the day. My 2nd DS usually works 2-3 days a week in the cafeteria and eats free on those days.

Egg salad on a bun, pretzels, carrots, and a graham cracker with peanut butter and chocolate chunks.

DH took asian noodles minus the onions and with extra chicken. On the other days he toook potato soup or hamburger helper. He also takes fruit every day.

On the day that both boys needed lunch they took leftover asian noodles and apples.
DD did not need lunch on Wednesday because she has a cooking class at whole foods in the afternoon and they eat at class.
I have asked my kids if there are any days they would like to have a school lunch to try and see if they feel like they are missing anything. The oldest who is in highschool does not like the cafeteria food except for the pizza and he says the lunches are to small at school. DS2 works 3 days a weeks in the cafeteria just to be with his friends and says thats plenty for him. I'm glad because school lunches are 2.50 and both of my oldest find them to small. My oldest who is the skinniest kid in the whole highschool can eat a incredible amount of food these days :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

The rest of this weeks lunches are definitly lacking color. I did not go to the grocery store this week and I am out out of fresh produce, down to my last carrots, a few bananas and a very sad cucumber.

DD-The rest of the curry chicken salad, crackers, a cookie, carrots and sunflower seeds.

The early birds- Leftover chili ( we had chili cheese burritoes last night) fritos, pears, and some toppings for the chili. DH also took chili, he did not have chili last night.

One portion pizza pasta, cucmbers and carrots, pretzels, a banana and a fruit parfait cup.
The fruit parfait was a coupon deal ( .38 for a 4 pack) but the really looked yucky to me. I was surprised my DD ate it.
Friday- No school. DH took Hamburger helper and a banana. He also had a orange leftover from earlier in the week.