Monday, March 31, 2008


DD had leftover pizza, applesauce, BBQ corn chips and jelly beans (free from CVS)

DH had a turkey sandwich, BBQ corn chips, and mandarin oranges. He also took home brewed ice tea and homemade granola ( pictured below)

The boys took pizza rolls (box was .10), applesauce, the last of the salad mix and either pretzels or lays.

I'm going to try to avoid buying much at the store this month and do a grocery challenge to save some money and also to clear out some items from my stockpile. So I will be using up at lot of odds and ends starting with open packages.

Friday, March 28, 2008

This week...

The boys were easy this week. They did not have school Monday, took PB&J,pretzels and applesauce on Tuesday, Wednesday one worked and the other bought a school lunch, Thurday was the pictured spaghetti, bread, grapes and DD's cake. They both worked Friday also (free lunch for working).

DD got Monday off since the boys were home, she made her own lunch Tuesday, Wednesday was cooking class (she eats there)...
Thursday was the pictured feta-spinach dip with cut up veggies and flat bread crackers and fruit.

Friday was the leftover spaghetti sauce and pasta, veggies, a few berries, craisens and 2 little rice cakes.
The flat bread crackers were a leftover experiment that worked out well. I had a few flatbread leftover so I cut them with a pizza cutter and baked them. The spinach feta dip had garlic, cream cheese, fresh spinach, some sour cream and some seasonings.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm behind in posting..(also on spring break)

I am behind in posting lunches but here are a few from last week in no particular order.

Leftover red beans and rice with fritos, oranges, girl scout cookies and a cut up fruit leather. This was a lunch for one of the boys.

Freezer enchildas over rice with black beans and sour cream.

DD has a enchilada over rice, cut up veggies, almonds with craisens and a homemade cheerio bar.

DD helped to use up some of the salads I had made for DH's lunches. Here is some tuna and curry chicken salads with veggies and mandarin oranges.

We are on spring break now and I did not make a menu this week. So we are eating out of the pantry and freezer and not worrying about lunchboxes this week. See you all next week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Odds & Ends

Last week was a lot of peanut butter and jelly.

DD gets all the odds and ends. It works out well because she likes to graze. I'm almost completely out of freebies and coupon deals in my lunchbox stockpile, so I am using that as a opportunity to start fresh and I am trying to use up every open package and odd item.

<---- This lunch includes a pack of croutons from a Wendy's lunch and a free cereal sample along with the bit of BBQ potato chips.

This lunch includes a lonely orange from the back of the fridge along with leftover green beans.

I know individual bags of chips are pricey but these are from a food deal. These have been handy and are almost gone. I will admit they were really nice to have. The wrap is a pizza wrap using up a pack of tortillas. I thought had some pizza sauce leftover in the fridge but it turned out to be ketchup so I opened a can of tomatoes and chopped up a couple to add with cheese and pepperoni. One son took a diet jello for a dessert while the other took a organic fruit leather ( another Amazon deal). They both took canned fruit.

DH took a burger with feta, a salad and also a dish of curry chicken salad for his low carb lunch.
Spring is around the corner and the baby is more mobile so I hope to get more double coupon deals and freebies to replenish my goodies stockpile.
I still have pop tarts saved for garage sale season and a few fruit leathers but not much else. I have way to much cake mix with I may use to make pumpkins muffins or cupcakes.
Can you tell I am cleaning up my pantry this week?