Friday, October 26, 2007

This weeks lunches...

One of the early birds works today ( free lunch), one is eating soft foods because he just had his braces adjusted. He took spaghetti hoops, pudding and a banana.

Miss Sydney had PB&Jelly, pudding with crushed graham cracker, puffed wheat crackers and vegetables.

DH took pork burritoes yesterday with shredded pork, red skinned potato, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado and cilantro. I also packed salsa on side.

Burrito and salsa, salad, pretzels, and candy.

Egg salad and crackers, vegetables, oatmeal bites

Leftover pulled pork, potato salad and coleslaw

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Laptop lunches

Most of the comments I seem to get are mostly about the laptop lunch containers so I thought I would share some links that contain lots of info on them. They are expensive but they can be very helpful. -this is the site for the company and has great info, lots of pictures and a newsletter focused on their lunchboxes. FAQS including some great info if you are worried about plastics and food. Most of the lunchbox is made in the USA.
A google search will probably turn up more great sites if you need more inspiration. If you have a grandparents asking for ideas for a practical Christmas gift, this might me a good item to suggest.
If you are getting one for yourself, I think it really helps you to balance your food since when you look at those boxes they just scream for a variety of food and help with portion control. It takes a little practice to figure out what works for you but its worth it. If you like the ideas but don't want spend the money on a laptop lunch a lot of these ideas can be used with tupperware or other bento style lunchboxes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I accidently posted lunch on my other blog, please click here if you would like to see a update on our lunches. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is supposed to be a kitty. My husband could only picture a lobster but my daughter thought it was cute. It was really just a snack because we were out running errands in the morning and she loaded up on samples at Whole Foods. She still likes to eat during her break so I made this when we got back.

Lunch for DH and DD. I was making both right before the time DD was about to eat so I just put the soup in a side cup. If I was packing ahead it would need to go in one of the main cups that has a lid. These were use'em up lunches. DD had a salad with feta, chicken, olives, dressing some of the soup I made for DH and some M&M's

DH's soup was a bean soup made with a can of white beans, a brat sausage and some cooked chicken with seasoning. I needed to use of the last of the salad mix and there is always a big pile shredded carrots in the bottom that I added to the soup.

I think this lunch was from Friday. I made it while I was making breakfast for the older 2 kids. They leave before she wakes up. Banana pancakes, bacon, strawberries and pineapple and pretzels with M&M's

Lunch for the older 2. Burritos from the freezer, salad, chips and salsa

Mexican rice with black beans and cheese, corn bread, grapes and M&M's

I want to get back to posting these everyday, instead of doing it every few days, its easier to keep track of what I made when.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easy week- Random lunches

Leftover Asian noodles
Cut up vegetables
Cantaloupe and strawberries

Cheese Sandwich
Smart puffs

Leftover cream cheese chicken
Cut up vegetables
Bread and margarine
Mini candy bar

Meijer spaghettios
Cut up veggies
Lego fruit snacks

The pirate booty was from one of those Amazon sales. I bought 2 cases and have been good about saving them for when I have little time. Meijer spaghetti hoops are on sale this week. My daughter would happily eat these every day but they look so yucky to me.LOL

I am a sucker for anything Lego so I bought the Lego fruit snacks as a surprise. Boy did that co-branding work on me :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Lunch #1 ( 2 of these) Enchiladas from the freezer ( cut to fit) over rice, chips,salsa, sour cream, grapes and a Resse's cup

Lunch #2 Mexican rice, chips, salsa grapes and a mini Hershey bar

Lunch #3 ( Not pictured) Meatloaf, southwestern mashed potatoes and green beans. I made dinner in the afternoon and packed a lunch for DH from what I made and then I will just reheat it later for dinner for me and the kids.