Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy week....

This week we had a lot of build your own lunches. I have been experimenting and made up multiple batches of beans and chicken, a large batch of mexican rice, fresh guacamole plus we bought a big bag of Costco taco chips and a few bags of tortillas. We ate a lot of mexican this week and also managed to make burritos for the freezer.

Here is a tray of burritos about to be frozen for future lunches. They are black bean, rice and cheese.

We also put up a batch of twice baked potatoes. My oldest will happily eat these everyday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The first week of the new year.....

I neglected this blog in December but I am to trying to get back to it . I did not get pictures of everything as there were a few self-serve lunches but here is most of what went out the into our lunchboxes this week.

Today's lunch for my oldest was leftover steamed vegetables with some pork meatballs. The meatballs were a impulse Costco purchase that nobody but him will eat :)

Also tucked in there are 2 bar cookies.

Its hard to tell but this is a filling similar to what I use for empanadas. It has chicken, cheese, green chili's, hot sauce, chili powder, cumin salt and garlic with lettuce leaves and sour cream to make low carb "tacos" or lettuce wraps served with some extra hot sauce. DH is low carbing to jump start his diet.

My second oldest ate at school a few times this week since he gets free lunch for working at the school. This day he took a noodle-less tuna casserole we usually call mock tuna casserole. Its really a tuna salad mixed with green beans and topped with cheese and and heated in the microwave, Here with a sugar free jello. DS2 is very sensitive to what he eats so he does not eat at school everyday.

Ds2 again. A chicken salad using items I used to make burrito bowls for DH ( below)

This is the most successful lunch of the week. The black beans came out well seasoned, the chicken was awesome, and the improvised hot sauce came out well. I wish I could remember what all I put in everything :)

I was trying to make something like what my husband has been craving from Chipotle.

This terrible picture is my oldests lunch. More meatballs as a sandwich with a peeled and sectioned orange and chips. He had this a few days. One day he substituted a chicken club using chicken nuggets which is also what my daughter ate most of the week.

I still have one more lunch to pack today but I have a busy afternoon planned so I will put that one up later :)