Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28th

Hubby made his own lunch today while I was taking a nap ( I only ended up with 4 hours sleep last night) so I did not get a picture of his lunch.

DS1 took quesadillas with sour cream, some taco sauce packets leftover from carryout, a bag of chips and a apple. I bought a box of single serve chips for a get together Saturday so I pulled out a few to use in lunches this week.

Its funny, I have not put quesadillas in a lunchbox before because I was worried about them drying out but DS loved them and requested that I make them everyday. I threw in a black bean, tomato, corn and cilantro mix that was leftover from southwestern salads then added a little sauteed onion. No nuking of quesadillas here, they MUST be cooked on the stove top in a little butter till crispy and golden. Yum!

DS2-Lower carb lunch, crustless pizza, salad and diet jello. The crustless pizza does not look pretty but smells and tastes yummy. It has sauteed garlic, onion and pepper with banana peppers, spicy sausage pepperoni and cheese,

The younger 2 had cheese and crackers lunches but lucky DD ended up with a cookie :)


Mandy said...

Love your blog. . .you are so creative with your lunches! I do have a question. Do your kids eat their lunches cold at school? Like the quesadillas, chili, pizza, and burritos I see you pack? or do they have a place to heat it up?

Maggie said...

Hello Mandy, sorry I'm so late getting back to you. They do have microwaves available, it helps a lot.